Making margaritas on a Monday. Just another day in the Kiwano Kitchen.

We like to have fun at Enzed Exotics. But not soo much fun that we’re actually drinking margaritas on a Monday. Photos only of course! You’ve gotta stay sharp in the Kiwano game.

But over the last couple of days the team have been whipping up a storm in our work kitchen to test, adapt, tweak and photograph some current and new recipes for our website and customers. I was so excited about the results of our Kiwano Test Kitchen sessions, I thought I’d share a few sneak peaks of what we’ve been up to.

Kiwano recipe testingKiwano Test Kitchen

As a not-everyday exotic fruit, it’s really important we get people excited about the versatility of Kiwano. We think it’s amazing as a fresh fruit, but to extend its appeal we know it's vital consumers see how it can also be used as an ingredient.

We’ve been re-testing existing recipes to see if we can make then even better, and adapting/developing new ones to help show people how they can use it. From something as simple as a breakfast smoothie or yogurt bowl, to quick ‘n healthy salsas and guacamole. Plus what we think are some pretty “damn, that’s good!” desserts and cocktails (hence the margaritas).

Another thing that really excites me about working with Kiwano is that because it is so healthy, every time you add it to a dish or a meal you’re also adding a boost of vitamins and minerals (you can find out which ones here).

The Kiwano is a real flavour enhancer. We’ve been looking at recipes where you could use it in place of adding extra salt or fats (if that’s something you’re trying to cut down on). It has a unique, refreshingly fruity appeal – the closest thing we’ve come up with is a mix of banana, passionfruit and lime.

A  great example of where it takes flavour up a notch is our Kiwano-Pineapple Salsa. In this recipe instead of adding salt and oil, you can simply add a whole Kiwano. The end result is a delicious super-healthy salsa made solely of fresh fruits and vegetables. Great with corn chips, also amazing in a chicken salad or dolloped on panfried fish fillets. The Kiwano is also low in natural sugars, so it’s an excellent fruit for people watching their carb intake.

Kiwano-Pineapple Salsa ingredients
Ingredients for Kiwano-Pineapple Salsa

I get huge enjoyment out of seeing people discover just how delicious this fruit can be. I simply love that initial feedback after people try it for the first time. And second time. And usually a third time as they try to get their head around the totally unique flavour and texture.

Some people are not fresh fruit fans – and that’s ok. But I’ve found there aren’t too many people who aren’t fans after a trip to Kiwano Margaritaville….

I’d love to hear what your favourite way to eat Kiwano is, or what sort of recipes you’d like to see more of. Have a great week!

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