How to eat Kiwano Horned Melon

How do you eat Kiwano?

The easiest way to eat Kiwano is to slice it in half, or into wedges. Eat Kiwano straight up as a refreshing snack or scoop out the green pulp and get creative.

The Kiwano really is the most flexible of fruit. Make smoothies, juices, cocktails, sauces, salsas, sorbet, desserts, raita, salads (and bowls to put salads in). Add a slice to your water for a flavour boost or squeeze it over your favourite vanilla ice cream. Yum.

Plus, you can eat Kiwano raw because it’s all natural. At Enzed Exotics we choose to only use sustainable farming methods mother nature would approve of – which means no chemicals or pesticides are used in our growing or storage process. For more about our farming philosophy, read our story.

Our Kiwano is also naturally enhanced by our seaside growing environment, where minerals blown across from the ocean give our Kiwano their unique flavour. Perfectly delicious as is, the flavour can also be enhanced with a sprinkle of salt, chili or sugar. Head here for our inspiring Kiwano recipes.


Can you eat Kiwano seeds?

We often get asked “can I eat the seeds?”. The answer is yes, you can and should! You can strain out the juice if you like, but the seeds provide fibre and a great texture.

If you are looking for more, our Instagram feed is a fantastic place to get inspired and see how other Kiwano lovers are using this amazing fruit.

How do you eat Kiwano?

How to store Kiwano

Kiwano do not like the cold! To keep your Kiwano at optimum quality, keep them away from the fridge. Store at room temperature or above 18 degrees Celsius (64F). Stored correctly, they have a great shelf life. A ripe Kiwano will have vibrant orange skin and give to slight pressure.