Where they are grown

Meet the people behind the kiwano horned melon

We grow our kiwano horned melon’s in New Zealand’s Bay of Plenty region, a lush and fertile environment also known as the ‘kiwifruit capital of the world’.

In this climate, there’s no need to add any harmful chemicals or insecticides to our fruit.

In fact, the minerals that blow across from the beach help give our kiwano horned melon its distinctive flavour and longevity.

Our close proximity to the Port of Tauranga and top-secret storehouse packaging process, using advanced technology means our horned melons reach you fresher and stay fresher for longer.

Kiwano horned melons have been in the family since ’85. It was love at first slice…

As genuine kiwano horned melon lovers, we are passionate about the purity from a beautiful, naturally grown fruit – the flavour and quality that only comes from a careful handling process, like ours.

As for our happy team, they come from some of the most exotic places on earth, which makes every day at Enzed Exotics as fun, fresh and colourful as the fruit we grow.

NZ Kiwi