Meet the people behind the Kiwano horned melon

Welcome. We’re Alan and Vanessa Hutchings, the owners of Enzed Exotics. Alan has been a grower his entire life. He planted his first Kiwano back in 1985, and it’s fair to say after 30+ years, there’s not much he doesn’t know about growing this incredible fruit.

Our goal is to bring you the best, all natural Kiwano on earth. As genuine Kiwano lovers, we are passionate about the quality and purity of our naturally grown, hand-picked fruit. Our team lovingly care for each piece of fruit from seedling to harvest using farming practices that are in harmony with mother nature.

Our harvest team come from some of the most exotic places on earth, which makes every day at Enzed Exotics as fun, fresh and colourful as the fruit we grow. Our team are part of our family, and every year we have the pleasure of meeting amazing young people from around the world.

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Meet the Growers

Where we grow our Kiwano

We grow our Kiwano in New Zealand’s Bay of Plenty region. This lush and fertile environment is also known as the ‘Kiwifruit capital of the world’. Our fields are located near the coast, where the minerals that blow across from the beach help give our Kiwano their distinctive flavour and longevity. Our proximity to the Port of Tauranga and advanced technology of our storehouse packaging process mean our Kiwano reach you fresher and stay fresher for longer.

We’d love for you to find out more about this fruit that we are so passionate about. Explore our site to find out how to eat Kiwano, the Kiwano’s health benefits, plus delicious recipes to inspire you.


Our farming philosophy

We are passionate about sustainable farming practices. This means we choose not to use harsh chemicals or pesticides, only using natural seaweed fertiliser on our plants.

When taking from the earth, we are always mindful that we need to give back. Soil health is always to the fore. We do not farm intensively and use crop rotation to ensure the environment is enriched, rather than depleted by our harvest. We ensure that everyone on our team understands the growing process, respects the land, and respects what it gives us.

Our Mission is to share our passion for Kiwano with the world, by surrounding ourselves with positive people, strong relationships and using growing practices that Mother Nature would approve of.