20 amazing ways to eat Kiwano (from a Kiwano grower)

Ways to eat Kiwano

Kiwano are popping up in more and more grocery stores around the world. Full of natural goodness and delicious to boot, it’s definitely a bit special. But because it is still in the exotic category, you have not come across this fruit before or know what to do with it. Or even how to cut it! Help is at hand. Refreshingly fruity but not overly sweet, there are so many ways to eat Kiwano. So, let’s dig in to one of the world’s most intriguing fruits.

Before we get into the options, let’s kick things off by describing the taste. The closest description we’ve come up with for the flavour is a refreshing mix of banana, passionfruit and lime. Other people say they can taste kiwi or even green grapes. It’s kind of the fruit equivalent of one of those “Laurel/Yanny” situations. Each person will have their own interpretation.

Kiwano’s exotic flavour makes it so versatile. The pulp can be added to both savoury and sweet dishes. It works equally well in salads and salsas as it does desserts and cocktails.

Sliced Kiwano Horned Melon
A fresh Kiwano sliced in half.

Inside the Kiwano’s bright spiky golden skin is a bright green seeded pulp. The pulp has an almost jelly-like consistency and is filled with tiny slim seeds. And yes, you can eat the seeds! They provide a delicious subtle texture, and you really barely notice them because they are encased inside the jelly-like pulp.

To prepare Kiwano for eating, you’ll firstly need a sharp knife to cut it open. Slice in half, either lengthways or through the middle, and scoop the pulp out into a bowl (or straight into your mouth!).

Now you’ve got your Kiwano ready, let’s go create! There are so many delicious ways to eat Kiwano – here are 20 ideas to start you off.

20 amazing ways to eat Kiwano

  1. Kiwano plain and simple

Kiwano is a really refreshing snack, and just one Kiwano contains a surprisingly large amount of pulp. With only 152kJ per 100g of fruit, Kiwano are a great clean, low-cal snack or fruit choice for those watching their intake. To eat it fresh just scoop straight from the skin or cut it into wedges and eat it like you would an  orange wedge. This option is can be a little less dignified but hey, we’re all friends here right?

How do you eat Kiwano?
The Kiwano fruit has a unique flavour and is full of goodness.
  1. Kiwano Juice

Kiwano have a high water content, so yield a decent amount of liquid when juiced in a machine. Alternatively, you can juice it the low-tech way by placing the pulp in a strainer and pressing down with the back of a spoon. Kiwano juice can be enjoyed on its own or added to your favourite combo. Because it is not overly sweet, it has a clean and refreshing taste – great for a detox.


Kiwano pulp
Chock full of vitamins and minerals and not overly sweet, Kiwano pulp is great for juicing
  1. Kiwano Cocktail

Kiwano juice and pulp is also delicious in cocktails. And because it’s low-cal, you can add depth of flavour, without loading on the sugar. Kiwano provides a uniquely fruity twist on classic cocktails – try a Kiwano Margarita or a Kiwano Daiquiri, both of which use Kiwano juice. Before scooping out the pulp, cut a couple of slices (like you would a lemon slice), then cut that slice into quarters to use as a garnish or to drop into the drink.

Fruit Daiquiri
Kiwano Daiquiri by @BeautifulBooze
  1. Kiwano Mocktail

Not just for kids, mixologists have upped their mocktail game in recent years to cater for a growing health conscious crowd. We luurve this easy and sophisticated Kiwano mocktail created by @servingupsimplicity – Kiwano juice, lemon juice, agave and sparkling water.

Kiwano mocktail
Kiwano mocktail by @servingupsimplicity
  1. Kiwano Salsa

This is one of our favourite ways to eat Kiwano. And it comes with a little warning: these fresh Kiwano salsas are completely addictive…which makes it lucky they’re so healthy! We’ve got two recipes that time and again are total hits when entertaining. The classic ultimate Kiwano salsa, made with fresh tomato and our Kiwano Pineapple salsa. You can also try loading the salsa on top of tacos, nachos or as a topping for grilled fish.

fresh salsa
Our ultimate Kiwano salsa – fresh, healthy and 100% addictive.
  1. Kiwano for Kids

With its bright green, jelly like pulp, and funky look, we find that Kiwano is quite a hit with the kiddos! Packed with goodies like magnesium, potassium and dietary fibre, eating Kiwano is also a great natural way to ensure their vitamin and mineral intake is at optimum levels. The skin of a Kiwano is quite durable, which makes it great for using as a bowl or cup once the pulp has been scooped out. With a bit of imagination, there are a bunch of really fun ways to eat Kiwano using the skin as a bowl or vessel. 

healthy kids
Funky looking, and fun to eat, Kiwano is a hit with kids.
  1. Kiwano Yogurt Cup

We love this easy and fun Kiwano yogurt cup by the La Fuji Mama blog. She fills a hollowed out Kiwano half with plain yogurt, but you could mix Kiwano pulp through yogurt for added goodness. To make an edible face on top, add two blueberries for eyes and a wedge of Kiwano for a smile. Or to make a grown-up version, load with extra Kiwano pulp, a handful of berries and sliced almonds.

  1. Kiwano on Toast

2018 is the year of toast, and Kiwano pulp makes a great healthy topping. Try peanut butter and sliced banana with Kiwano dolloped on top, or check out this Kiwano, Avocado, Strawberry and Mint toast by @kalememaybe. You can also add Kiwano as a topping for the other type of toast that’s having a bit of a moment –  Sweet Potato Toasts.

Kiwano toast
Kiwano, Avocado, Strawberry and Mint toast by @kalememaybe
  1. Kiwano Dessert

Another one of our favourite ways to eat Kiwano. And dessert pretty much doesn’t get much easier than this, a little dinner party secret from Enzed Exotics ‘Chief Kiwano Lover’ Vanessa. “Scoop Kiwano pulp over vanilla bean ice cream in a martini glass, then garnish with a slice of Kiwano.”

Kiwano pulp over ice cream
Kiwano pulp squeezed over ice cream.
  1. Kiwano Infused Water

Infused water is a healthy and rather gorgeous looking drinks option for a party or gathering. Try our recipe for Lemon, Kiwano and Mint Infused Water or experiment with your own flavour combos. If you find getting your daily water quota in a bit boring, try adding a few wedges of Kiwano to an infuser water bottle. 

infused water
Adding Kiwano to water adds a boost of (natural and super low-cal) flavour.
  1. Kiwano Smoothies

Kiwano are a great way to add a nutrition and flavour boost to your smoothie. Unlike some other fruits, it also combines well with a range of different flavours.  Try a classic Green Kiwano Smoothie, a creamy yet healthy Kiwano Colada Smoothie or an antioxidant rich Kiwano Berry Smoothie.

Kiwano smoothie
Kiwano Sunshine Smoothie
  1. Kiwano Guacamole

Move over Harry and Meghan, I think you’ll find there’s a new power couple in town. Kiwano & Avocado are an amazing flavour match and together create a delicious, powerhouse nutritional dish. Just take your favourite guacamole recipe and stir through the pulp of half a Kiwano, or try our recipe.

Kiwano guacamole
Try this amazing twist on a classic guacamole
  1. Kiwano in Salads

Add Kiwano to a salad for a fruity flavour boost. We like it stirred through a fresh coleslaw of finely sliced red cabbage, spring onion, carrot, avocado and seeds. Or try it in a summery salad of baby spinach, strawberry and feta. Kiwano pulp can also be used in salad dressings – like this green goddess-style Kiwano dressing made with the pulp. Slices or half slices of Kiwano also look great as a garnish.

Kiwano salad
Spinach, Strawberry, Feta and Kiwano Salad
  1. Kiwano Cheesecake

Who can resist a good cheesecake…. no really, who? You could stir Kiwano through your favourite cheesecake recipe, dollop it on top…or try this healthy raw vegan Kiwano cheesecake by @melissas_healthy kitchen – so healthy you could probably fulfil that lifelong dream of eating cheesecake for breakfast.

Kiwano Cheesecake
Kiwano cheesecake by @Melissas_healthykitchen.
  1. Kiwano & Mexican

Kiwano is a natural match for Mexican flavours. Its pulp can be stirred through fresh salsas, salads and guacamole to add flavour and colour, or loaded on tacos, nachos, grilled tortillas and chopped salads. Mexican food is all about celebration – try out these fiesta-ready 5 Mexican inspired Kiwano recipes.

cinco de mayo produce
Kiwano is a natural match for Mexican flavours
  1. Kiwano Breakfast bowls

Scoop out the Kiwano pulp and add to a fruit salad, dollop on top of yogurt or chia seed pudding, muesli or hot oats. For those taking their breakfast to the next level, check out these amazing smoothie bowl creations featuring Kiwano by @fitfoodiekae.

chia seed puddinh
Try Kiwano on top of chia seed pudding
  1. Kiwano Ice Pops

While you should not store whole Kiwano in the fridge (check out our storage tips here), you can freeze the pulp. Grab your molds and an Enzed Exotics Kiwano and try out a few of our easy & healthy ice pops on your kids or friends: pure Kiwano pulp, Kiwano pulp stirred through plain yogurt, or Kiwano wedges in lemon iced tea.

Kiwano ice pops
Kiwano Ice Pops – great for kids and adults too!
  1. Kiwano Ice cream

Ice cream is always an option. Especially if it’s as healthy as this recipe for “Kiwano nice cream”. Pop just four ingredients in a blender, whizz and you’ll have a no refined sugar, goodness packed treat to enjoy in under a minute. 


Kiwano nice cream
There’s always room for ice cream…especially when it’s this healthy.
  1. Kiwano Cake

Yes, Kiwano pulp can be used in baking! This is one of the ways to eat Kiwano we’ve just started experimenting with. We’d really love to hear from any bakers who’ve had a go at baking with Kiwano themselves. For the Kiwano cake pictured, we substituted 3 passionfruit for the pulp of one small Kiwano, straining off the juice so the mixture wasn’t too wet. Bring a bit of exotic wow factor to your baking by dolloping Kiwano pulp over cream cheese frosting, or stirring it through a cream filling.

fruit cake
Kiwano cake with cream cheese frosting
  1. Kiwano and Chili

This is Enzed Exotics Kiwano grower Al’s favourite ways to eat Kiwano – and with 30 plus years growing under his belt, it’s fair to say he’s something of a connoisseur. However, it’s not for the faint-hearted: “Slice Kiwano lengthways into wedges, sprinkled with chili flakes, sea salt and a squeeze of lime. Shot of tequila on the side.”

Kiwano and Chili
Kiwano and Chili – not for the fainthearted…

There you have it – 20 delicious ways to eat Kiwano. The only question is, which one are you going to try first?!

We’re always excited to find out how people are enjoying our favourite fruit. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram to see what others are doing with Kiwano, and to keep up with new recipes.

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