Kiwano Health Benefits

Kiwano Health Benefits & Nutrition

Are Kiwano great for you? You bet! Kiwano health benefits make for some impressive reading. Kiwano are a source of the minerals magnesium and potassium, vital for keeping our bodies in optimum health and full of energy. Low in natural sugars and full of dietary fibre, it’s no surprise Kiwano have been touted as something of a wonder fruit. What’s more, the minerals found in Kiwano are great for growing kids.

Kiwano health benefits

Fill up on goodness: 5 key health benefits

1. Source of magnesium
This essential mineral is important for keeping your body and mind in tune. In fact, every cell in your body needs it to function! It keeps our teeth and bones strong, helps to reduce tiredness and maintain a calm nervous system, plus aids energy metabolism.

2. Source of potassium
This hard-working mineral is necessary for keeping a normal water balance in our body, helps our muscle function, and contributes to children’s normal growth and development.

3. Source of dietary fibre
Dietary fibre helps to keep our bowel movements regular and healthy. Tick!

4. Low in natural sugars
At only 3.8g of natural sugars per 100gm, Kiwano is much lower in natural sugar than other fruits such as watermelon, apples and oranges. Perfect for people who love fruit but are watching their energy intake.

5. Low in kJ
Trying to keep things light? At only 152kJ/100g, Kiwano is a nutrient-rich way to add flavour, without adding empty calories.

Kiwano health benefits

All values per 100gm of fruit (apple data is with skin on)
**Source of nutritional data: USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference
***Kiwano nutritional information data: Plant & Food Research NZ, Kiwano Nutritional Composition. Prepared by Dr Carolyn Lister, Feb 2018

And to top things off, this super-healthy fruit is also completely delicious! Kiwano can be enjoyed fresh as a quick healthy snack (just slice in half and scoop out the green pulp). Or you can head over to our recipes page to discover the many ways to use this goodness-packed fruit.